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Beer consumer's day

Beer consumer's day


See you at 14h at the "Cheval Marin" (sea horse), an 18th century café recently reopened at the end of the Fish Market (Quai aux Briques 90). This café was chosen for its ease of access by public transport. On the Fish Market is the metro station "St. Catherine".

In this café, we will taste our first beer, chosen by the two beer associations Het Lindeke and Malt & Mout. In each bar, we will stay about 30 minutes and it will be possible, if necessary, and at your own expense, to do a second tasting. The 5 selected beers are included in the price of the activity.

From the first bar, we go in groups and on foot, to the next four ones, which are located within walking distance around the Grand Place. A subway station will be close to the end point.

WARNING! The number of participants is limited to 30 people for both associations.

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